Aiming for a perfect blog post is impossible

I have wrote numerous blog posts that never get published because I “hate” them.

I hate that they’re not perfect.

Sentences need reflowing, my points may not be 100% valid, it doesn’t have a start middle and end, theres no purpose, i run out of steam, its been done before, I may be completely wrong or it’s just not good enough.

I like having purpose when speaking. I don’t like to rattle on about nothing and waste peoples and effort of getting to my site and reading my drivel. Please pardon this post for irony of the previous sentence in context to the post.

They say the first step is admitting you have a problem. Well, there you go, I’ve just admitted I have an addiction to hitting delete on my drafts as I fear people, as do I, will hate them and call me bad things on the Internet 😛

So, fingers crossed I can stop hitting the delete drafts button.

Watch this space!

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