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Aiming for a perfect blog post is impossible

I have wrote numerous blog posts that never get published because I “hate” them.

I hate that they’re not perfect.

Sentences need reflowing, my points may not be 100% valid, it doesn’t have a start middle and end, theres no purpose, i run out of steam, its been done before, I may be completely wrong or it’s just not good enough.

I like having purpose when speaking. I don’t like to rattle on about nothing and waste peoples and effort of getting to my site and reading my drivel. Please pardon this post for irony of the previous sentence in context to the post.

They say the first step is admitting you have a problem. Well, there you go, I’ve just admitted I have an addiction to hitting delete on my drafts as I fear people, as do I, will hate them and call me bad things on the Internet 😛

So, fingers crossed I can stop hitting the delete drafts button.

Watch this space!

Some useful SEO / Marketing resources

At work I find myself trying to find more and more information about SEO and online Marketing. I don’t consider myself to be awesome at SEO, so instead of preaching I’ll direct you to those who can / do 😉 There are many websites that aid me in the daily task of this, most of which that I’ve found by using Google Reader.

First off, Google Reader is one of the most useful tools I use in a day, instead of looking around on the various sites (some which may not have updates), I just subscribe to the various news feeds via Google Reader and every time there’s a new post, It picks up on this and give me a title and a short description of the new news story. If i deem the story interesting, i click the link and there I am…onto the page – awaiting the information overload!

Why search through loads of different sites when you can just get given the latest news from the ones you pick? You’d be silly not to.

So, what you should do is to sign up to Google Reader and subscribe to a few of the following sites: (In no paticular order

If you have anything to add, go ahead and reply in the comments! I look forward to hearing from people.