A new Google Favicon?

So, I’ve just noticed a new Google Favicon… I’m not sure if i like it! Looks too busy :/ What do you people think? At least it doesn’t impact any functionality 😉

Google Favicon as of 9th January 2009
Google Favicon as of 9th January 2009






5 responses to “A new Google Favicon?”

  1. Dale

    Didn’t realise there was a ‘g’ in there, I was trying to see what the colours made up.

  2. Mincy

    Haii, i’v noticed it like an hour ago, and now you maybe think, hmm, whata hell is mincy doing here, hmm, i dont have a clue why im here either, hmm, oh well :p baii

  3. Lamb Cam tends to think that this logo is an improvement on the last. The last was very old-school. This one is at least more colourful. I for one have no problem with seeing the G.

  4. Does it hit the G spot Mr Lamb Cam

  5. :: zenorama ::

    I tend to agree that it is indeed a favicon…
    but it doesn’t say Google to me.

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