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iOS finally gets Google Opinion Rewards

Last week Google released their Opinion Awards on iOS. Users of iOS can download the app from The App Store and link it to their PayPal account. The app then collects your GPS, WiFi, and beacon location data throughout the day. When Google sees that you’ve spent some time in a store (data pulled from […]

Daily PPC management – An easy way of keeping up

Managing multiple PPC accounts can be a real pain sometimes. You make a change, and another, and another. And before you know it, it’s a week later and you can’t remember what to check up on! Sure, you can check the change history (if the platform has it), figure out your rationale and then check […]

Google AdWords: Stop the short tail from ranking over your long tail

Bidding on both Broad and exact match keywords of the same product can be a bit of a problem with the broad keywords overlapping the long tail keywords. The situation You have widgets broad match at £5 max CPC. You run a search query report and notice that [blue widgets] has less competition and performs […]

AdWords: Relative CTR for the GDN

Google have released a new metric to your Google Display Network (GDN) campaigns that’ll help you evaluate the effectiveness of your display ads. They call it Relative CTR and here’s the summary straight from AdWords. “Relative CTR is a measure of how your ads are performing on the Display Network compared to other advertisers’ ads […]

Adwords: Forget Position Preference, Automated Rules are the way to go!

Google announced earlier this month that they’re retiring the position preference feature in AdWords. That leaves users who rely on position preference to seek other means of lingering around a position. But Google have made a solution ready to use called Automated Rules which can be found alongside the actionbar in the AdWords web interface. […]

Google Adwords text advert character limits

Here’s a quick javascript length validation for your Google AdWord’s adverts. The headline must be 25 characters in length, descriptions 1,2 & the display url are 35. Characters include spaces and punctuation! But remember, even though your advert may be the right length, you still need to conform to advertising policies! Having excess punctuation, capitalisation, […]