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Google News hiding other social share buttons

Today I’ve noticed that on Google news, the +1 button is shown as default. But it only shows you other social shares when you expand a post. Needless to say, Google News is a Google product, so they can do what they like to it. But users who have no idea what +1 is may […]

Google SERPs showing 2 column comprehensive sitelinks

Just another post about something I’ve never seen before. Google appears to have included 2 columns of detailed site links, rather than single lines or the nested associated page.

Suggestions moved ‘into’ the Google SERP

Google’s testing putting the suggested search into the page, rather than floating suggestions directly below the search bar. Anyone else notice anything different?

Google purchase for £37m

Today announced on their website that Google has bought them for £37.7m. Announcement below. today was sold to Google for GBP37.7 million. We think this deal is a tremendous opportunity for our company to develop new and innovative options for personal finance in the UK. Our team is excited about becoming a part […]

Character limits for your title & meta description tags

Your page title & meta description are what the major search engines use on the SERPS to display each page, and optimising these tags can help clickthrough rates. People may say that the meta keywords tag is important too, but there really isn’t any point in wasting the bytes its written in. So, try to […]

A new Google Favicon?

So, I’ve just noticed a new Google Favicon… I’m not sure if i like it! Looks too busy :/ What do you people think? At least it doesn’t impact any functionality 😉