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  • The world of twitter!

    The world of twitter!

    So, I joined twitter around Christmas after hearing bits about it for the past year or so. Basicly its a blogging tool, but the letter limit is 140 charecters long, so its really a ‘microblogging’ tool. You can imagine it as the Facebook ‘status’ text, but alot cooler 😉 Basicly, you sign up and then…

  • ‘Super Ubuntu’

    ‘Super Ubuntu’

    So, I was browsing a few feeds on Google Reader today and stumbled upon ‘Super Ubuntu‘. Its basicly the latest version of Ubuntu but instead of wasting hours trying to find codecs and the latest flash player, its all on the install – something that will save a tremendous ammount of time & thinking of…

  • Some useful SEO / Marketing resources

    Some useful SEO / Marketing resources

    At work I find myself trying to find more and more information about SEO and online Marketing. I don’t consider myself to be awesome at SEO, so instead of preaching I’ll direct you to those who can / do 😉 There are many websites that aid me in the daily task of this, most of…