‘Super Ubuntu’

So, I was browsing a few feeds on Google Reader today and stumbled upon ‘Super Ubuntu‘. Its basicly the latest version of Ubuntu but instead of wasting hours trying to find codecs and the latest flash player, its all on the install – something that will save a tremendous ammount of time & thinking of what you need.

I’ve had Ubuntu as a dual boot in the past, but I’d have to do quite a bit of setting up…which after a few times gets tedious. The usual problem would be setting up my wireless adapter, as my laptop is rubbish it was a few hour ordeal…

But hopefully ‘Super Ubuntu’ should reduce the time spent finding all these necessary programs and make installing a fresh copy of linux a much nicer experience.

After navigating the ‘Super Ubuntu’ website, I’ve set of my download…When its completed I’ll be see’ng how ‘Super’ it really is!

Be ready for part 2.

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