Multivariate segmentation in Google analytics

So, this is the first blog post in a long while and I’m writing it on my new HTC desire!

So, let’s get to the point. You are setting up a multivariant (or a/b) experiment using web optimization software, you also have Google analytics installed (though any analytics with event tracking will do).

To better understand how the elements you’re testing affect users you will need to place event tracking on each of variants. You will then be able to set up segments in your analytics package to see how they behave.

Because your not dummies, here’s a brief how to.
Step 1: set up your variants
Step 2: place event tracking inside script tags on each variant, it should execute on pageload of you do this
Step 3: set up an advanced segment for each of your variants
Step 4: analyse!

Example tracking parameters:
category = experiment
action = experiment name
opt_label = variation name

What to analyse?
Bounce/exit rates
Average time on page
What pages they visited next
Goal Conversion rates

Any questions? Not the nicest formatted post, but oh well!