Suggestions moved ‘into’ the Google SERP

Google’s testing putting the suggested search into the page, rather than floating suggestions directly below the search bar.

Google's moved the suggestions into the page

Anyone else notice anything different?






2 responses to “Suggestions moved ‘into’ the Google SERP”

  1. Chris

    Yesterday for a single page load I noticed a cleaner interface – almost as if it was styled to fit in with the new gmail/calendar layout.

    Description text was a lighter grey and slightly smaller (I think with an increased line height), and the titles were a slightly nicer blue with the underlines removed.

    In hindsight, it makes sense that they’d want to co-ordinate a single design across all their products to create a more consistent experience, so I imagine it’s something we’ll see a lot more of in the future.

  2. Yes Chris, I’ve noticed too that they’re trying to bring all their products in line with each other in the look and feel.

    It is a good thing, though takes a few minutes to get used to. Major change is there’s now more padding between elements, and they’ve drained some of the colors onto the page from bright blue to red and gray.