A new Google Favicon?

So, I’ve just noticed a new Google Favicon… I’m not sure if i like it! Looks too busy :/ What do you people think? At least it doesn’t impact any functionality 😉

Google Favicon as of 9th January 2009

Google Favicon as of 9th January 2009

5 thoughts on “A new Google Favicon?

  1. Mincy

    Haii, i’v noticed it like an hour ago, and now you maybe think, hmm, whata hell is mincy doing here, hmm, i dont have a clue why im here either, hmm, oh well :p baii

  2. Lamb Cam

    Lamb Cam tends to think that this logo is an improvement on the last. The last was very old-school. This one is at least more colourful. I for one have no problem with seeing the G.

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