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AdWords: Relative CTR for the GDN

Google have released a new metric to your Google Display Network (GDN) campaigns that’ll help you evaluate the effectiveness of your display ads. They call it Relative CTR and here’s the summary straight from AdWords. “Relative CTR is a measure of how your ads are performing on the Display Network compared to other advertisers’ ads […]

A/B Tests: Not sure which is performing better?

Often on low traffic sites, you’ll be waiting quite a long time for a split test to show good results. And by the time you get a decent level of numbers, will the trend have changed? So it’s time to stop looking at just visitors and conversions and have a look at the other metrics […]

Adwords: Forget Position Preference, Automated Rules are the way to go!

Google announced earlier this month that they’re retiring the position preference feature in AdWords. That leaves users who rely on position preference to seek other means of lingering around a position. But Google have made a solution ready to use called Automated Rules which can be found alongside the actionbar in the AdWords web interface. […]

Google purchase for £37m

Today announced on their website that Google has bought them for £37.7m. Announcement below. today was sold to Google for GBP37.7 million. We think this deal is a tremendous opportunity for our company to develop new and innovative options for personal finance in the UK. Our team is excited about becoming a part […]

Multivariate segmentation in Google analytics

So, this is the first blog post in a long while and I’m writing it on my new HTC desire! So, let’s get to the point. You are setting up a multivariant (or a/b) experiment using web optimization software, you also have Google analytics installed (though any analytics with event tracking will do). To better […]

Character limits for your title & meta description tags

Your page title & meta description are what the major search engines use on the SERPS to display each page, and optimising these tags can help clickthrough rates. People may say that the meta keywords tag is important too, but there really isn’t any point in wasting the bytes its written in. So, try to […]

Google Adwords text advert character limits

Here’s a quick javascript length validation for your Google AdWord’s adverts. The headline must be 25 characters in length, descriptions 1,2 & the display url are 35. Characters include spaces and punctuation! But remember, even though your advert may be the right length, you still need to conform to advertising policies! Having excess punctuation, capitalisation, […]

Tracking events with Google Analytics

So, we had some hyperlinked images on one of our websites, each leading to the same page, but with a different $_GET which identifies which button this was. As far as my knowledge goes, that would have made the page duplicate (in google robot’s eyes), which then would have a minor impact on the organic […]

A new Google Favicon?

So, I’ve just noticed a new Google Favicon… I’m not sure if i like it! Looks too busy :/ What do you people think? At least it doesn’t impact any functionality 😉

The world of twitter!

So, I joined twitter around Christmas after hearing bits about it for the past year or so. Basicly its a blogging tool, but the letter limit is 140 charecters long, so its really a ‘microblogging’ tool. You can imagine it as the Facebook ‘status’ text, but alot cooler 😉 Basicly, you sign up and then […]